Adagio Performing Arts is an innovative private coaching and training company located in Sugar Land, Texas. It was founded by Katherine Epperson to provide nurturing and professional instruction in a non-competitive atmosphere. The removal of the competitive factor shifts the focus from winning to learning. It is with this philosophy combined with her 14+ years of teaching experience, that Ms. Katherine is pleased to offer classes that will broaden dancers' backgrounds.

We believe that dance is a journey of discovery in exploring passion, community, challenges and strengths which culminates in an artistic offering for students. Dance is an art and discipline that can expand a person's horizons. As an art, dance often provides a beautiful way for a dancer to express their voice or share a story. The self- discipline that dance can instill on a child's life is in itself a reward. Whether that child grows up to become a professional dancer or not, the art and discipline of the work we do in dance will stay with this child forever.

The French ballet term “Adagio” is defined as slow and controlled movements performed with grace and fluidity. The term Adagio is a fitting name to describe our program and some individuals’ description of their faith. At Adagio Performing Arts, we encourage our dancers to not only work to be the best they can be, but to perform and excel with grace. And through this, it is our hope that each dancer grows within themselves, their community, and their walk of faith.