Dress Code

All Hair must be secured back and out of the face.
Ballet: Hair must be worn in a bun for all levels of ballet.
Jazz, Lyrical, & Turns and Progressions: Hair must be worn in a well-secured ponytail.

Creative Movement Black leotard (no leotards with attached skirts allowed), pink tights, and pink ballet slippers (with the elastic sewn on)
Combination I & II Pink leotard (no leotards with attached skirts allowed), tights, pink ballet slippers (with elastic sewn on), and black tap shoes (ribbons will be replaced with elastics)
Ballet Beginner - Intermediate Black Leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes
Ballet Advanced Intermediate / Advanced Black leotard, preferably pink seamed tights, and pink ballet shoes.
Students may wear leg warmers (black or pink) and black warm-up shorts.
*All female students are required to wear a SOLID black leotard, any style, for all classes (Please do NOT wear prints, stripes, patterns or florals.) No two-piece dancewear is acceptable. A solid black leotard enables the teacher to properly see the lines of the body.

Jazz & Lyrical any color leotard or unitard, black or tan footless tights, bare feet or lyrical shoes, jazz shoes (NO jazz sneakers), jazz pants/shorts may be worn over leotard and tights. No midriff tops and or camisoles.

Adult Classes Ballet slippers are required for ballet. For other classes, proper dance shoes are recommended but not required. Core class can be bare foot or comfortable socks. Traditional ballet attire, tights and leotard, are recommended; however, adult students may wear any comfortable workout clothing. Hair should be worn secure and out of the face.

NO heavy dangling jewelry, sweatpants, t-shirts, ballet skirts, shorts, or oversized dance pants are allowed in any dance class.

Boys Ballet PLAIN white t-shirt, black pants, white socks, and white ballet shoes.

***Student's names MUST be in their shoes***

Class Etiquette

Please do not bring food or gum into the studio.
Please silence/turn off cell phones while in class.

Class Placement

Placement is by age AND level. If you are having difficulty finding a class, please ask Ms. Katherine. If some students nee extra help to work into a class, arrangements can be made. It is to the teacher's advantage as well as to the student's, for each student to be comfortable in his or her class. There will be a tentative schedule at registration; however, adjustments may be necessary depending on the number of students in a particular age group.


All students should wear street clothes to and from the studio.
Young dancers should be escorted from the car into the studio and from the studio to the car.
Students should remain inside the studio lobby while they wait for their ride.

Missing & Making Up Classes

Ms. Katherine understands that there are situations that may come about unexpectedly and cause a dancer to miss a class, but if you are aware that your dancer is going to miss a class ahead of time, please inform Ms. Katherine prior to the class.
Missed classes are non-refundable , but can be made up anytime before the end of each semester. If you would like to make up a class, please inform Ms. Katherine of which class you plan to attend for the make-up class.